Saturday, January 07, 2012

Vintage UNIVOX SR-55 Drum Machine

via this auction
"The SR-55 is a very rare rhythm machine made in 1972 by Keio Electronics of Japan as Korg Mini-Pops 3, marketed in the USA by UNIVOX (Shin-ei). It features 20 rhythms, volume knob, tone knob and two 6-part variation knobs for Fox Trot/Swing. Plays great vintage beats (especially Latin rhythms), great for blues, reggae and rock. SR-55 was used by Kraftwerk early on. You can create cool train effects, and the Western beat has a hilarious horsey clip-clop sound (a la Wall of Voodoo). Run it thru delay/chorus effects pedals for some killer sounds. Perfect for sampling, home studio, live performance, bellydancing, animal husbandry or retro gear collectors!"

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