Wednesday, June 20, 2012

CONTROL Brooklyn Pics & a Wooden Modular

via Joseph Raglani on
Update: It's worth noting these pics were taken before the opening while things were still being set up. Expect to find more when you visit.

More pics at THE SIXTH EAR
"CONTROL. Brooklyn’s new modular synthesizer boutique and record store.

Driphouse’s Daren Ho and Jonas Asher have just opened New York’s premier synthesizer boutique. If you’re on the east coast you no longer have to wait for modules to arrive from California, just visit CONTROL in Williamsburg.

You can test drive modules there. They have two 9U portable cases in their two listening stations. Modules such as Make Noise, 4MS, Synthesis Technology, Pittsburgh Modular, Malekko/Wiard, Blue Lantern, and more.

In addition to synthesizers they also have a nice selection of Synth-centric LPs and cassettes. Including new releases by Editions Mego, Bureau B, Spectrum Spools and many other forward leaning independent electronic labels.

Control will definitely be a destination whenever I’m in NY.

416 Lorimer St. Brooklyn, New York. 11206."

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