Tuesday, August 02, 2016

DSP synth demo

Published on Aug 2, 2016 Depth Sounder

"A quick demo of www.dspsynth.eu CZ and CR-4 dsp chip modules, I am sorry for getting the website wrong, please note it is www.dspsynth.eu." [vs. dspsynth.com mentioned in the video]

"The 4HP CZ-VCO module is a phase distortion oscillator in a 4HP module.

It replicates the famous PD waveform and can make resonant sweeps without a filter.

Based on the CZ-1 chip (http://www.dspsynth.eu) it features a 1V/Octave pitch input with a 5 octave range and a modulation index CV input with a range of 0.125x – 16x. Both inputs have an attenuator knob doubling as a parameter dial when the CV’s are not plugged in.

It also has a simple Gate VCA input that enables it to be used as a complete synth if you don’t have any EG and VCA modules, i.e with an analog sequencer it will perform as an acid box.

The Nanodrum modules have classic sounds including:

R606 Vintage drums, R727 Latin Percussions, CR-4 Compurhythm, Drumfox Synth Percussion, SP-4 Drumulatin, DX 80’s classic and Lm-1 classic.

All modules have 4 rising edge trig inputs and a global tune knob with input CV.

They are available at:

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