MATRIXSYNTH: LM118 Square-wave Oscillator

Monday, August 08, 2016

LM118 Square-wave Oscillator

Published on Aug 8, 2016 karl welty

"My project the last two days. Had a bag of mil-spec metal can op-amps sitting in a box, purchased surplus 20+ years ago for cheap. LM118's. In the mood for a side trip from neon projects I thought I'd see what one could do in square-wave world. Turns out they are a potent and rich voice, and I could certainly see some future projects using them. I have lots of them. The rest of the parts for this one-off were left-overs and carport pickings. I also wanted to try the build technique of a PC board and stand offs from a faceplate. Multiple experiments, big fun, a learning project, and another trick for the DIY synthesis toolkit. All the sounds in this video were made by this device this afternoon."

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