Monday, August 08, 2016

Original Roland TR-808 TV Commercial?

Roland TR-808 Original Advert

Published on Aug 7, 2016 Karl Charles

"The original Roland TR808 TV commercial from 1980."

"I’ve been digging through my archive looking for this since I saw the 808 doc last year at the BFI. Very happy to be able to share it for 808 day."

Update: at the very end of the video you will see a 1980 copyright for Origin Workshop.

"Origin Workshop is the home of Director Alexander Dunn and Producer Matthew Jarman.

After meeting while working on the feature documentary 808, they set up Origin Workshop in 2015
to develop new projects and craft content. They are currently developing a number of projects including
a film about the legendary RAK Studios in London."


  1. Looks like the advert producers just watched The Terminator before working on this..! :)

  2. I read that this ad isn't original but was created for a 201? doc? that true?

  3. I believe you are correct. Post updated with more info.