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Электробаян Топаз (electro bayan Topaz)

Published on Nov 15, 2015 tipsy tv

via this auction

Some info via where you'll find another audio demo.

"5-row electronic bayan Topaz-1 (Formanta factory) is designed to play sounding of traditional bayan. It uses register synthesis to create sounds of organ, flute, synthesized timbres an so on. The instrument is very compact. Besides, there is built in loudspeaker with level control, volume pedal.

Parametrs: tremolo frequency, vibrato frequency, depth frequency, tuning, keyboard's balance, volume, timbre HF/LF, registers' switching knobs, ON, loudspeaker, power. Connectors - In for pedal, out to phones.

Engineer: German Gusev, designer: Sergey Sarasek, produced by Urals Vector Company."

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