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Vintage Post Soviet Analog Synth Elektronika EM-141

Soviet organ Venta Electronika 141 (hammond style) \ Электроника 141 Вента

Published on Feb 9, 2015 Cyril Saar

"best soviet organ with synt with organ drawbars, synthesizer block, chorus (leslie effect),additional bass and bells sound.
4:07 - sounds like real leslie"

via this auction

"Eelectromusical key "ELECTRONICS EM-141" - odnomanualny, pyatioktavny, polyphonic, portable tool. Designed to perform pop and classical works as a solo or accompanying instrument composed of professional and amateur ensembles, as well as at home. The tool consists of the following sections: Section flute, percussion section, synth section, the section of the chorus-flanger effect. Flute and percussion sections are the conventional body structure. Synthesis timbre is from 10 harmonics by dialing their levels. Tembroobrazovanie built on pure sinusoidal signals to simulate the sound body "Hammond", vibraphone and other instruments. Synth section containing a managed device in a controlled filter envelope, simulates wind instruments (horn, English horn and other), As well as a wide variety of sounds typical of synthesizers. Section chorus, flanger enriches the tool, gives the sound properties of the instrument and spaciousness of the sound source simulates the effect of rotation in space. Camey housing is part of the security device housing.

The tool provides:
• high stability master oscillator frequency by the use of quartz-locked loop
• minimal error of the scale intervals relatively evenly-tempered musical scale
• the ability to shift the whole structure of the instrument by +/- 1/4 tone
• rich timbre of sound color with sound droop

• Technical specifications:
Number of manual registers:
- A set of flute tone 10 (16, 5, 3.1, 8, 4, 2 2/3, 2, 1 3/5, 1 1/3, 1, 1 1/2)
- Fixed switching flute 1
- Percussion with a set of level 7 (4; 2 2/3, 2, 1, 3/5, 1 1/3, 1, 1 1 / 2_)
- Bass registers included in the fixed amount of 2 lower octaves 2
Full sound range 8 octaves
Accuracy of the scale intervals relatively evenly-tempered scale, not more than 0.05%
Relative volatility master oscillator frequency in the automatic mode for 30 days, no more than 0.1%

Relative volatility master oscillator frequency in the automatic mode for 30 days, no more than 0.1%
Relative volatility master oscillator frequency in manual mode for 4 days, no more than 0.3%
Rated output voltage to a load of 10 ohms, not less than 0.25 V
The peak value of not more than 2.4 V
S / (+ background noise), not less than 60 dB
Dynamic volume pedal range, not less than 40 dB
Vibrato frequency, adjustable between 5 (-2) to 7 (3) Hz
Weight, not more than 20 kg
Dimensions (in working order):
- Length of 938 +/- 5 mm
- Width 410 +/- 5mm"

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