Monday, August 29, 2016

YAMAHA VL1 Version2 Virtual Acoustic Synthesizer physical modeling keyboard SN KH01413

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"Tone Generator/ Type S/VA (Self-oscillating Virtual Acoustic Synthesis).
Modifiers Harmonic Enhancer Dynamic Filter (LPF, HPF, BPF, BEF, with resonance) Equalizer (5 bands with frequency, resonance, and boost/ cut control). Impulse Expander. Resonator.
Effects 32-bit digital signal processor, stereo in/ stereo out. Modulation effects (flanger, pitch change, distortion). Feed back delay. Reverberation.
Play mode Voice mode only. Smallest tone generator units: elements. Voices use 1 or 2 elements. Voices are composed on "common data" and "element data".
Polyphony 2 notes max.
Assign Modes Mono, Poly, Unison
Memory/ Internal 128 voices
Memory/ Disk 3.5" 2DD or 2HD floppy disk
Keyboard/ Keys 49 (C scale, FS type)
Keyboard/ Sensitivity Velocity. Channel aftertouch.
Controllers Master volume slider. Continuous sliders x 2. Pitch bend wheel. Modulation wheel x 2. Data entry dial. LCD contrast control.
Panel Switches Play (with LED). Edit (with LED). Utility (with LED). Octave x 2 (with LEDs). Copy. Store. Bank select x 8 (with LEDs). Program change x 16 (with LEDs). Data entry x 2. Cursor x 4. Function x 8. Exit. Enter.
Display 240 x 64 dot liquid crystal display (black and white type) with fluorescent (CFL) backlight.
Connectors/ Front Panel Stereo headphones. Breath controller.
Connectors/ Rear Panel Output x 2 (L and R). Foot controller x 2. Foot switch x 2. MIDI In. MIDI Out, MIDI Thru.
Output Level/ Line 2.5 +/-2 dBm into 10 kOhm.
Output Level/ Headphones 7.5 +/-2 dBm into 150 ohm.
Power Requirements US model 120V, 16W General model 220...240V, 16W
Dimensions (W/D/H) 914mm x 380mm x 105mm (36" x 14-7/8" x 4-1/8")
Weight 12.5 kg (27.6lbs)"

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