Thursday, September 22, 2016

1979 YAMAHA CS-15 SN 6848

via this auction

"Vintage Yamaha CS-15, two-channel monophonic synthesizer. Multi-mode filters. Serial number 6848. Lightly used and in perfect working condition and cosmetic. I had the power supply replaced, pots and siders cleaned, and tuned up earlier this year. Everything works perfect. No flaws in sound or functionality. No dead keys. Knobs and slides are smooth. No sustain problems. It is well built and everything is very sturdy. It is missing a slide knob.

It has nice warm and rich sound. Machine has 2 VCF and can be played through 1 or both. Also, a 1/4" jack for inputing other instruments. I have been plugging in my bass guitar and drum machine for some nice sounds. I discovered there is fat 808-like low-end on this machine."

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  1. That is awesome! I wish I still had mine- my dad bought it for me from David Abell in Los Angeles, and it had a real Anvil case for it!