Thursday, September 15, 2016

Dave Smith Instruments "In The Spotlight with the PRO 2" with JESSE SOLA (NUMINA)

The sixth in Dave Smith Instruments' "In The Spotlight with the PRO 2" series is currently up with JESSE SOLA (NUMINA) here.

"Jesse Sola is an American keyboardist who goes under the project name Numina. He was born in 1971 in a musical family that currently resides in Denver, Colorado. Jesse began recording music in his 20’s while in college. Jesse’s choice of instrumentation was the use of synthesizers and acoustic instruments melded together to create deep, evolving music that ranges from melancholy to mysterious. Currently, Numina has released albums on his own Numinamusic label as well as on Gestalt Records, Hypnos, Dark Duck Records. He’s also been featured several times on the syndicated radio program Music From the Hearts of Space. Similar artists and influences include Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Vidna Obmana, and Stephen Philips."

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