Friday, September 02, 2016


via this auction

"Keyboard electronic musical instrument "Maestro" is a portable polyphonic four-voiced analog\digital hybrid synthesizer with microprocessor control (KR-580) & programmed timbres "presets". Number of presets - 20. There is possibility to get vibrato frequency with depth & frequency control. This instrument includes "chorus" effect with depth control, filter with cut-off frequency & resonance control. There are also "arpeggio-tremolo" arrangement with speed control and joystick that pitch shifts & vibrato depth controls. It is the first soviet synth with microprocessor inside. Maestro synthesizer was produced in 80s on Kachkanar military radio plant on the same factory where well known Polivoks synth was produced. Synth has nice compact design. Some waveforms (Brass section) feed to analog filter with resonance. Arpeggiator has memory of key's order. The synth is polyphonic, you can play 4 voices at one time. LFO can modulate pitch by triangle waveform. There are controls of modulation speed and amount of pitch modulation."

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