Friday, September 09, 2016

Modular Synth - Krautrock / Spacerock

Published on Sep 9, 2016 isvisible / isinvisible

"Working on a new track.

Sound sources used:
Livewire 'AFG'.
Neutron Sound 'Orgone Accumulator'.
Mutable Instruments 'Rings'.
Studio Electronics 'Quadnic'.

Sound effectors used:
Tiptop Audio 'ZDSP' with the 'Halls of Valhalla' card.
Modcan 'Dual Delay'.
Intellijel 'Springray'.
Gieskes 'DEP2b'.
Malekko 'Assmaster'.
Mutable Instruments 'Elements' (audio through the resonator).
Random Source 'Wave Multipliers'.
WMD/SSF 'Ultrafold'
Doepfer 'A-106-5' 'A-106-6' and 'A108' filters.

Non modular clobber used:
Koma 'Komplex' Sequencer.
Bandive Accessit 'Stereo Reverberation' (Spriiiiiings).
Soundmaster 'SR88' (drums)


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