Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Soundfly just posted an article featuring the classic Roland x0x drum machines, including videos, interesting bits of history, and tons of links. Click through for the full post.

"Ah, that classic beat, marching ever onward, familiar as the beat of our own hearts. But the beats we’re so consumed with, the sounds that so commonly drive our daily lives, are not only not the sound of a beating heart (a robot heart, maybe), they’re not organic sounds at all.

Yes, yes, whether you like it or not, the music we consume is predominantly set in time by that which we call the drum machine.

And while there are an infinite number of analog and digital drum machines on the market, most tend towards the ephemeral, finding favor among a few artists for a few years, before the sound becomes dated and the artists move on. But owing to some mystical fake-drum alchemy, for nearly 40 years, the Roland series of 606s through 909s have managed to find relevance again and again."

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