Sunday, September 25, 2016

Yamaha DX200 Funky FM Beats! 2016 Groovebox Synthesizer DX7 Montage

Published on Sep 25, 2016 SynthgodXXX

"Yamaha DX200 Funky FM Beats! 2016
by Rik Marston 100% No Talking!
Turn it up! **Watch in HD!!**

This fantastic FM Groovebox / Drum Machine
Synthesizer / Sequencer is really awesome!!
Based on the FM sound engine from the classic
Yamaha DX7 (& why the new Montage has FM-X)
it is truly a powerhouse for those who love to tweak!
Here we have 5 preset patterns showing off it's
unique power tweaked beyond OBLIVION!!
This is great for beats & sound creation.
Perfect for the DX/FM collector, it fits just fine!
Going prices for a working unit is $300-$550
I just love this unit! FUNKY FM BEATS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Recorded DRY into Ableton Live 7
using it's own Internal Effects!!!

Thank you for watching!
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