Monday, October 10, 2016

1969 Hammond Innovex Condor GSM Guitar Synth PLUS Condor SSM Synthesizer Ovation

via this auction

"If you're looking at this auction, you probably know a bit about these already. The Hammond Condor Innovex GSM was one of the first guitar synthesizers. It was the result of a collaboration between Hammond and Ovation Guitars. Jimi Hendrix was inspired to purchase one of these systems at Manny's in of the reasons it piqued my interest. These are rare items to come by. It is about 45 years old and works but is in need of some TLC to get it back to optimal operation.

Included in this auction:
Rare 1969 Hammond Innovex Condor GSM guitar synthesizer
Condor (Ovation) Electric Guitar with hexaphonic pickup and hexaphonic cord
Original hardshell case for the guitar
Carrying suitcase for the GSM
Rare 1969 Hammond Innovex Condor SSM speaker system synthesizer
Hammond Innovex Condor SSM speaker system synthesizer (It works but I was keeping it in the event I needed spare parts)
Original carrying case for the SSM which should also accommodate the GSM (stabilizing feet are included)

I just played this for a number of hours, tried it in both mono and stereo modes and paired the synth pickup with the standard pickups. It needs some TLC on the electrical end but this thing is really incredible."

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