Monday, October 17, 2016


via this auction

"Up for sale is legendary, very rare & powerful soviet analog synthesizer "ESTRADIN-230".
It is a 3-OSC monophonic precise equivalent of infamous western MINIMOOG, produced in the USSR in 1985 by Elektroizmeritel military factory in Zhitomir. Estradin-230 is a predecessor of another well-known soviet analog synthesizer Altair-231. Both synths has identical electronic architecture, functionality and rich sound palette. The Estradin-230 was manufactured from early to middle eighties and then Estradin factory changed synth`s design (new casing) and labelled it as "Altair-231". So Estradin-230 & Altair-231 are the same machines only in different bodies.

Synth has 4-octave keyboard (F-C) with velocity (sensitivity assign to vibrato effect). For live performance there is a wheel which provides pitch shift. ESTRADIN 230 is based on 3-VCO (OSC-3 can work as the modulator), 1 VCF (lowpass 24dB/oct) with ADSR, 1 VCA, 3 LFO, noise generator (white/pink), glide, memory. It has an EXTERNAL INPUT allowing to use FILTER and GENERATORS with OTHER INSTRUMENTS such as guitars, synths, etc! ESTRADIN-230 consists of 5 main sections - OSC, MIXER, MODULATION, FILTER and AMP. All knobs and controls are marked in English!"

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