Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Octave CAT SRM SN B4008

via this auction

Looks good with the black wood side panels.

"Beautiful old Octave CAT SRM duo/mono synthesizer

I've had this for about 10 years and there's no synth quite like it. The sound is deep, rich and quirky and with so many routable modulation sources, she's also very flexible.

I had this serviced a few years ago by Fluctus Labs in North London. It has a couple of issues however...

The top key sometimes triggers a random note when released (kind of useful!).

The top Bflat does not work (not useful at all), but this is also intermittent and is working fine at the moment.

The pitch of VCO1 can sometimes fluctuate a little - CATs are not known for their pitch stability.

In the light of these minor flaws, I would recommend a service. Personally I would be happy using her just as she is, accepting these idiosyncrasies - it's not a DAW! But I've adjusted the price to take account of this fact."

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