Monday, October 10, 2016

Storm For Stu

"Made this jam over the course of two days for Stu over @ Eowave. ALL sounds are sourced from an Eowave Orage. The only effects that were used are delay from an Alright Devices Chronoblob and reverb from an Intellijel Springray on the arpeggiated chords. Everything else is the raw Eowave Orage being manipulated by either a Happy Nerding FM Aid, Stillson Hammer MKII or a Mannequins Just Friends. An Eowave Centre de Controle performed the MIDI and trigger duties. An Intellijel Quadra performed envelope duties.

All sounds were compiled and arranged in Ableton Live. Some sounds were reversed and spread out in the stereo field. No filters or EQ except for a mix/master rack in Ableton for final mixing.

I wanted to keep the sounds as pure as from the source as possible :)

Hang up your hangs ups and let your hearts be happy!"

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