MATRIXSYNTH: Moog Sub 37/Roland Juno 106 (Live Synth Jams)

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Moog Sub 37/Roland Juno 106 (Live Synth Jams)

Published on Jun 14 - 29, 2016 Jae Ryan

1. Moog Sub 37/Roland Juno 106 (Live Synth Jam 1)

-Moog Sub 37 (Sequence)
-Roland Juno 106 (Unison Sub Bass Patch)

-UAD Roland RE-201 ("Stereo" Delay)
-UAD Lexicon 224 (Stereo Reverb)

Recorded live on 14/06/2016!

2. Moog Sub 37/Roland Juno 106 (Live Synth Jam 2)

A little sunday synth jam featuring the Moog Sub 37 on "lead" and the Roland Juno 106 on some pad type textures.
I really fell in love with the Sub 37 when I realized that 1. Turning the oscillators past 5 will bring them into the "Sub Distortion" zone but if you keep them below 5 it's much much easier to get smooth, classic Moog sounds. I am a bigger fan of the latter. And 2. Being able to route both mod busses to the mod wheel opens up a ton of expressive playing options. Although the patch I designed in this video doesn't really show it off, I just had to mention it. Having filter cut off and vibrato working together is beautiful!

I recorded this using an Apollo Twin and a few UAD plug ins, most notably the Studer Tape Machine, Lexicon 224 and LA-2A!

Recorded live on 27/06/2016!

3. Moog Sub 37/Roland Juno 106 (Live Synth Jam 3)

Basic little jam I had today soundtracking the storm outside my apartment! Massive Lexicon 224 reverb and Moog triangle waves :)

Recorded live on 29/06/2016!

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