Monday, November 07, 2016

Novation Circuit Tracks by Precept

Published on Nov 6, 2016 Precept

1. Novation Circuit - 'Skylight'

"100% Circuit, no external effects or instruments used. This is using the new Novation components pack, available from the 'My Circuit' editor. All samples and presets are from that pack."

2. Novation Circuit - 'Progress'

"Another Novation Circuit demo showing how beautiful this piece of gear can sound. 100% Circuit, no external effects or instruments used. I have imported my own samples into the Circuit for the drum parts and used the sample flip feature to use more samples."

3. Novation Circuit - 'Distance'

"Novation Circuit track, no external effects or instruments. 100% Novation Circuit.

I've created my own synth patches using the free Circuit Editor, and imported my own samples for the drum parts using Circuit Components."

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