MATRIXSYNTH: Reflex LiveLoop Flash-8 Expansion Loading and Saving

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Reflex LiveLoop Flash-8 Expansion Loading and Saving

Published on Nov 22, 2016 freshnelly

"Here's the first (not great, have a cold!) video showing the Flash-8 loading and saving sessions. Live Sequences and settings can be saved as they are and will all re-load exactly (like a snap-shot).

A interesting use (pointed out to me today) would be to make a clocked sequence (or a bunch of "notes" that will become a sequence when clocked) and save it. Upon loading, a patched clock, or a MIDI clock will start the sequence playing on cue.

Might as well, all those Slices are there anyway!"


Reflex + Flash-8: Auto-Slicing Drum samples via MIDI in DAW

Published on Nov 23, 2016

"This is a really easy way to get all of the little samples into the Reflex and save them as a session. In this case drums are being sampled, fully automatically.
A RECord is started via the Record note A-1, then at each sample a SLICE note is sent(F-1). Generally this will be fine if your 'puter latency isn't too much, 6-8mS, and not advanced to the MIDI -as the next drum will start before the next Slice ends the previous-
After all samples are in, the REC button is held, (same note F-1), but longer, (about 1second), and the new Slices are played. At this point they can be saved as a session for instant loading."

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