Wednesday, November 02, 2016

WMD TRSHMSTR - Simple Frequency Sweeps

Published on Nov 2, 2016 William Mathewson

"In this video we run a static saw wave through the TRSHMSTR and demonstrate it's tonal characteristics and features.

TRSHMSTR is a collaborative effort between WMD and electro-dance heavyweights MSTRKRFT. TRSHMSTR features an aggressive combination of band-pass filtering (FLTR) and distortion (DRV). The FLTR and DRV sections can be used independently or together to produce a wide variety of tone-shaping, from subtle distress to full-on acid destruction. The INs and OUTs of the FLTR and DRV sections are cross-normalled, so you can run your signal through FLTR and into DRV or vice-versa with no extra patching."

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