Friday, January 13, 2017

De-Generator DIY samplesynthesizer

Published on Jan 13, 2017 Andre' Laska

"here is the first official video from our new De-Generator DIY samplesynthesizer."

Note this is a TubeOhm product.

-Display 320x200 full color
-stereo Filter 12 dB stereo 24dB mono
-inbuild delay
-sample up to 20 seconds REC/PLAY
-banks with 128 Samples on SD card
-128 inbuild waveforms for the oscillator
-SD-Ram card for Samples
-record functions for sampling on the fly
-loop functions for the samples
-mod matrix
-DIY friendly
-2 free prog knobs
-step sequencer

there is an endless list with all functions we have implement now ."

a new DIY-Synth comes with some new features like sampling, stereo, effects, loop functions, mod matrix ........

This is a screenshot from Hannes , and i think , yes this is closed near the final version."

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