Saturday, January 14, 2017

E-mu Morpheus Rack Synth

via this auction

"Great sounding Z-Plane Morphing synth"

Are there any other Z-Plane Morphing synths out there?

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  1. There were several other morphing z-planefilter synths from Emu. The UltraProteus (1U rack module) was the same generation as the Morpheus, but with more conventional Proteus sample ROM sounds (trumpets, pianos, etc.). The Emulator 4 series samplers implemented z-plane filters with only two variables (one note-on, one real-time... the Morpheus had a third, note-on variable). The Proteus 2000 series (1U rack modules... includes Mo'Phatt, Xtreme Lead, Orbit-3, Planet Earth and others) implements the same 2D version of z-plane filters as the Emulator 4. The Emulator X software sampler and Proteus X software sample player implement z-plane filters with three real-time variables.

    And Rossum Electro-Music now offers the Morpheus eurorack digital filter module, with three morph controls.