Tuesday, January 24, 2017

EMW Alias DVCO Demo

Published on Jan 23, 2017 FatSynthDude

"Started out as a 'demo' and then went overboard with it. I tried to get every EMW module I own into the shuffle, but I missed the Multiwave Digital Oscillator. :-(

The lead sound that starts at the beginning is the DVCO in action being sent through a Boozy VCF. I tried to keep the composition sparse so that all the little changes done to that chain are always audible.

So how's the module? You know how sometimes you miss the sound of those crappy early digital synths like the Novation X-Station or the Red Sound Dark Star? Oh, that's just a few of us weirdos? Dang it. Well my favorite part of the X-Station when I had one was playing parts at the very upper range of its playability where the aliasing started coming through. I always thought those little digital artifacts were musical. The DVCO nails it, I think. So much so, that I'm really having to stop myself from buying a second one right now. Sent through the filter section of the Bitrazer, it just screams early 90's VA synths. And it's only $109!"


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