Friday, January 27, 2017

How to learn Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer: FM synthesis – Sound Design Tub Bells Improvement Part 2

Published on Jan 27, 2017 Power DX7

All parts here.

"This tutorial series introduce many ways that you can apply to make improvements on the famous DX7 factory patches. Part 2 will revise what we’ve learnt so far in regards to the famous DX7 Tub Bells patch. Then we will focus on the algorithm interchangeability to make an improvement on the famous DX7 Tub Bells patch.

Although my tutorials use the DX7 for FM sound design, what you’ve learnt here can be applied to any FM synthesizers, including Yamaha dx7 vst and plug-ins such as Dexed, FM7 and FM8.

However, the resulting sound can vary due to limitation with software emulation of the DX7 FM synthesis."

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