Monday, January 16, 2017

Roland MC-202

via this auction

"Chances are if you are looking at this you already know that it is a great classic synth and sequencer combo, it is very similar to a SH-101 in sound, sequencing is very similar to the mighty MC-4, and the accents and glides give it a bit of a TB-303 feel.

This particular one is in great condition and full working order, see pics of actual unit for sale, no battery leakage or knocked corners on the casing as is common with these, I would think you would have a tough job finding one in better condition given the age of these.

Personally I think 202's are underpriced compared to 101's and 303's so I think that they are set to appreciate in value over the next few years when people realise that none of the current new cheap analog synths around sound quite the same as the vintage originals, not knocking the new stuff but they do sound different, so both new and old are worth owning."

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