Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Roland MV-8000 MEGADRONE by LavLab

Published on Jan 18, 2017 HostileSlothRecords

"LavLab experimenting with the Roland MV-8000 Analog Modeling Bass Synth. All sound coming from one note on the Bass Synth with internal effects."

I forgot the MV-8000 had analog modeling bass synth built in. Curious if the model is unique to the MV-8000 or ported from one of their other synths.

Via Roland's site on the MV-8000:

"Built-in Bass Synth

A bonus feature unique to the MV-8000 is its new internal analog-modeled bass synthesizer, which can be played from the MV’s own trigger pads or via MIDI. With its two fat oscillators, multimode resonant filter, LFO, envelope follower, ring and cross modulation, delay, chorus, portamento, and more, this synth can inject serious style and spice into your productions."


"NEW Version 3 Software

Roland continues its expansion of the MV-8000 platform with the release of Version 3 software. With linear-based recording already established on the MV, now come the additions of Pattern and Drum Grid composing modes — giving you the best of both worlds. Also new is a built-in analog modeling synth-bass and Pix Jam, an innovative new feature that lets you load and trigger your own custom graphics. The MV-8000 also sports ultra-intuitive operation via external VGA and mouse, with an enhanced piano roll editor and visual editing of waveforms in the audio tracks."

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