Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Chimera Synthesis BC9 Demos

Published on Feb 21, 2017 hajimmie

1. Chimera Synthesis BC9 - "A quick demo of BC9. I think this is showing only a fraction of what's possible with this unique device. For one thing I'm not sowing here is that you have an external CV(and trigger) input to modulate all knobs. So you can sequence to other gear. BC9 straight to Roland mobile cube, shot by iphone(built-in mic)"

2. Chimera Synthesis BC9 with SQ1 - "A quick demo of Chimera BC9 sequenced by SQ1. CV signal shared globally by all the knobs and depth is controlled by center green knob. Each knob when modulated by a CV seems to work as offset. Each knob can be switched to be modulated or not via black button."

3. Chimera Synthesis BC9 with SQ1 Part 2

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