MATRIXSYNTH: Pajama Floor Modular Test 1

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Pajama Floor Modular Test 1

Published on Mar 2, 2017 retrosynthads

"Put my modular into three mixer pop-up cases and plugged 'er all in. First time through its paces.

- Master clock from Doepfer A-155.
- Drone coming from Waldorf MW-1.
- Low bell from Make Noise DPO - envelope and VCA from Hexinverter Galilean Moons. Sequenced from Doepfer A-155/54.
- High bell from Mutable Instruments Edges. Sequenced from Hexinverter Orbitals. Orbital steps triggered by TB-03 gate to push notes around.
- Low and high bells effected by Roland Demora.
- Drum pattern from Mutable Instruments Grids.
- Drums from Hexinverter Mutant Drums (Kick, Snare, Hi hats). Mixed together with Hexinverter Mutant Hot Glue.
- TB-03 sync'd through trigger. On-board distortion and delay.
- Reverb slathered on like butter on toast with Strymon Bluesky."

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