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Saturday, March 04, 2017

Playing the FM Bongos with the Lifeforms Dynamic Impulse Filter

Playing the FM Bongos with the Lifeforms Dynamic Impulse Filter from Learning Modular on Vimeo.

"A quick experiment with the Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers/Lifeforms Dynamic Impulse Filter to create a variation of the classic 'Buchla Bongos' sound. I demo both LPG (Low Pass Gate, or filter + VCA) and VCF only modes, and play with the Dynamics Response which simulates a vactrol, with a lot of control over the "speed" of the vactrol (the length of the decay). I really like the sound of this LPG.

The patch is just a sawtooth from a Moog Mother-32 routed to the linear FM input of an Expert Sleepers Disting in mode 4C, with sine wave output. That goes to the Dynamic Impulse Filter (DIF), then out of the synth into the computer - no reverb or processing added. The first half of the video uses the Impulse input of the DIF, which just looks at the rising edge of a trigger coming in and gives its own response; the second half uses the normal Dynamic CV input, which is affected by the envelope coming into it (from a Roland 540, in this case).

The Lifeforms DIF is one of the many modules that will be covered in my upcoming 'Eurorack Expansion' course on Lynda.com and LinkedIn Learning. Learn more at LearningModular.com."

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