Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sector101 WaveBlade 8MB Waveform Card & Programmer for Yamaha SY / TG / RM

via Sector101. See their other expansion products as well.

"The 8MB WaveBlade card is a programmable Waveform card for use with all the Yamaha SY / TG series synthesizers that support Yamaha Waveform cards.

Yamaha units that support Waveform Cards:
SY55 & TG55
SY77 & TG77
SY85 & TG500

This card will allow the use of custom samples in machines that do not have this option as standard. The SY99, SY85, TG500, and RM50 already have the facility to load custom samples into internal or expanded sample memory. The SY55, TG55, SY77, TG77, and RY30 do not have this option. This programmable waveform card will allow these machines access to custom samples."

Other expansion cards by Sector101 include:

Sector101 EXFLM2 16MB Flash Memory for Yamaha EX5, EX5R & EX7
Sector101 EXM-E3 128MB DRAM for Alesis Fusion 6/8HD & Akai MPC5000
Sector101 SYEMB05 Memory Expansion for Yamaha SY99
Sector101 SYEMB06 Memory Expansion for Yamaha SY85 / TG500 / RM50

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