Sunday, March 05, 2017 Box 11 System

via this auction

"This is a powerful, Box11 based MU format analog modular synthesizer. Featuring two lovely sounding voltage-controlled oscillators, an 8-channel mixer (can be used as 2 x 4) four separate WIDE range LFO's, and a gorgeous sounding "Moog" transistor ladder filter (2/4 pole switchable).

Includes a bunch of patch cables. This system is like new, studio use only. There are a couple of scuff marks on one of the side panels. It is in a word.. awesome. A tremendous value for this classic, flexible, analog synth configuration. Thank you.

System modules:

1 .com Q106  VCO
1  SSL 1200  VCO
1 .com Q113  8 Channel Mixer
1 .com Q150  Transistor Ladder Filter (Moog)
1  SSL 1250   Quad LFO
2 .com Q109  Envelope Generators
1 .com Q108  VCA
1 .com QCB-11 Box11 Frame
1 .com QPS-4  Power Supplies
1 .com QCB-11-SSW Walnut side panels"

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