Saturday, April 01, 2017

Folktek Mescaline Reaches Funding & Adds Stretch Goals

The Folktek Mescaline has reached its funding goals on Indiegogo! Although they met their goal, you can still purchase individual modules or the complete system at a discount. A complete system runs $449. After the campaign the system will retail for $699.

Here are the new stretch goals:

"If we sell 250 complete systems, we're going to add an effect control on Channel for the DSP (in addition to the reverb which Channel was born with) and add a selector to allow you to change from the reverb to another custom designed effect that will allow for further shaping.
(edit: we've reached this goal and will be adding a new control for the dsp effects built into Channel as well as a selector to change from the reverb to another effect.)

If we sell 350, we'll add the effect control as well as 4 total custom DSP effects to Channel which will take the synth to another level sonically and allow it to be a very powerful effects processor for external sound as well."

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