Thursday, April 06, 2017

Moog Modular controlled by Eurorack using v-trig/s-trig converter cables

Published on Apr 6, 2017 retrosynthads

"Bought three new v-trig/s-trig converter cables from Tested with Moog Modular using my Eurorack Doepfer A-155 /154 sequencer.

Top 8 step sequencer (bass sound) - CV going to Moog 901 VCO. One trigger cable converting to s-trig to Moog 911 EG to control 902 VCA. Second converter cable sending same trigger to second 911 EG to control 904 VCF. End result - lovely Moog bass.

Bottom 8 step sequencer (high buzzy bell sound) - cv going to 901B controller/901B VCO. Trigger is sent through third new converter cable to third 911 EG to control another Moog VCA. Also using a Boss delay pedal before going into Moog mixer.

Drums and master clock signal coming from TR-808.

All sounds going through Strymon Blue Sky pedal."

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