Sunday, April 23, 2017


Published on Apr 23, 2017 TheXcee

"A few of my own user sounds of the XIO-SYNTH.
The point here are more pad sounds i made.
XIO´s base waveforms are complete analog modeled, so it´s a blaze to create warm shiny wide analog style pads for this synth.
In my opinion the XIO_SYNTH shines specially with its tasty filter emulation.
For that, my congratulation NOVATION !

Besides that the Xio is a very versatile synth.
The recordings were made directly from its Line outs.
FX´s are also the Xio-Synth ones.

I´m very lucky with my XIO-SYNTH, this machine delivers a quick edit and a bunch of functions to modulate the sound in wide ranges.
Also the long tradition of Novation for building very good sounding polysynths leads to this marvelous machine.

The XIO-SYNTH...nowadays cheap, but still good!

ok electro-dudes, have fun ! Cheers, THEXCEE."

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