MATRIXSYNTH: Ensoniq EPS16+ & ASR 10 ENV3 Envelope Velocity ADSR Curves Made Simple

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Ensoniq EPS16+ & ASR 10 ENV3 Envelope Velocity ADSR Curves Made Simple

Published on May 18, 2017 The Daydream Sound

"The Ensoniq EPS Classic, EPS 16+ and ASR10 have so much functionality. In this video we look at disabling the Soft Velocity Cure in order to get closer to a traditional Attack, Sustain, Decay, Release (ADSR) Envelope curve. We’ll also find a way to introduce amplitude velocity back into the mix.

Watch more EPS 16+ videos here: [embed below]

Here’s how you do it!

1. Select the instrument you want to use.

2. Press EDIT and ENV 3

3. Navigate with the arrow buttons until you get to “SOFT VEL CURVE”

4. Turn this feature to the OFF position. This will disable the SOFT VELOCIT CURVE.

5. Now you can use the HARD VEL CURVE to shape your sound.

6. We need to reintroduce the velocity option as a feature.

7. Press EDIT and AMP and scroll to the Volume Modulation section

8. Set the Volume to 99 and the modulator to VEL, VEL 1 or VEL 2 depending on your preference.

9. You now have dynamic control over your sound depending on how hard you hit the keys.

10. That’s it your done!"

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