Saturday, May 06, 2017

Mexican Elvis Impersonator's Original 1974 Moog Minimoog Analog Synthesizer SN 4102

via this auction

"Listed here for the serial number itself is the world's last 50 Dollar Minimoog, purchased from a Mexican Elvis impersonator in the late nineties, traded for a Moog Liberation, and gigged with and cared for by me since 2004. the co-inventor of the voltage controlled synthesiser, Herb Deutsch, played this Minimoog at Knobcon 3 (pictured).

work done: I upgraded the mod box with brand new glide and decay rocker swtiches, a usable glide footswitch input (the original switch inputs on the Minimoog use a nonstandard jack which uses a deprecated 3/16" plug size), and pushbutton momentary switch for glide. the tune knob is a larger knob the same size as VCO 2 and 3 frequency. in the mid-2000s we put new bushings in the keyboard. before i decided to sell it, it was serviced by someone with more experience with Minis than i do and some pots and both bulbs were replaced, switches cleaned, and everything calibrated."

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