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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Psychedelic Modular Patch

Published on May 16, 2017 Urs Heckmann

Urs Heckman of U-he.

"A quick recording of a minimalistic rhythmic patch I came up with. It's a bit on the repetitive side with a huge boomy bass, which makes it sound a bit psychedelic. The sitar-like timbres from Rings add to this.

I was exploring two things: Using the Vermona fourMulator as 'offbeat processor' to have shifted triggers and modulations, i.e. 'disguise the downbeat'. Using uScale, uVCA and Quadra (+ S&H in Kinks) to occasionally add a pseudo-random melody line into Rings. I also wanted the whole thing be transposable through Pressure Points.

Apart from that there's various triggers (Circadian Rhythm, A 142-1, more fourMulator) playing a few drum sounds (HexInv HiHat, Peaks BD, 'triangles' from SMR), another Pressure Points (with Brains) controlling a synth arpeggio (VCO2RM + OptoMix).

This is also the first patch I found worth recording, mainly also because it's contained on just one case/rack. I hope to find the time to explore some more patches that allow for more complex musical structures.

Also, in future I'll probably record each voice separately in order to get a better final mix and maybe also a more distinct amount of reverb and delay ;-)"

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