Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Roland JUPITER 4 Vintage Analog Synth SN 831049

via this auction

"Roland jupiter 4 (JP-4) was a first polyphonic synthesizer from Roland Corp. It's fully analog, 4 VCOs (with sub oscilator and Noise), great VCF with its envelope, VCA.... There is an fanstasic UNISION mode which can transform JP4 into monofonic monster synth with 4 VCOs at one key! Also, there is great analog Chorus (ensemble) effect, great Arpeggiator, really fast LFO, 8 RAM (user) memories, 10 ROM (factory) memories, lots of sliders for realtime sound control, 49 keys keyboard, Joystick which can control VCA/VCF/LFO at the same time, portamento... really great vintage synth."

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