Tuesday, May 30, 2017


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Note there were three physical modeling synth engines, one from Yamaha, one from Korg, and one from Technics. They were all different. The auction description mentions Yamaha, but Korg of course had the monophonic Prophecy and the polyphonic Z1.

"The super rare TECHNICS SX-WSA1R rack mount digital synthesizer. Unobtainium in rack format. A MASSIVELY POLYPHONIC synth engine that is unique in the world of sound generation and sound design; a unique sound that can only also be found in the legendary polyphonic Yamaha VP1 (of with Yamaha made three (3) for astronomical prices), and the very limited 2-voice Yamaha VL1.

The SX-WSA1R is effectively the only alternative to access the POLYPHONIC sound generating capabilities of the fabled Yamaha VP1.

The technology to POLYPHONICALLY cross a horn section with the envelope properties of a plucked string instrument. From huge swirling pads to otherworldly leads, the sound design capabilities of this instrument simply have not been duplicated. Includes very usable onboard effects, a second set of MIDI IN/OUT/THRUs, and a second set of stereo (or dual mono) outs.

The keyboard version of the SX-WSA1 is fairly rare. But the rack version is, like the Ensoniq Fizmo rack and Wersi EX-20 (rack version of Stage Performer MK I), simply unobtainium. Technics made only about 100 of them, and almost all for the UK market."

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