Sunday, May 07, 2017

VCO auto-tune capability being added to Ornament & Crime (still a work-in-progress)

Published on May 6, 2017 Tim Churches

Tim Churches is one of the three people behind Ornament & Crime. mxmxmx aka Max (Superbooth interview here w/ DivKid), and Patrick Dowling I believe are the other two. It was first introduced on the site on February 27, 2016 under the Digital ASR moniker.


Proof-of-concept tap-tempo in Quadraturia app in O&C

Published on May 7, 2017 Tim Churches

"Still more work to do, but tap-tempo basically works in Quadraturia. Also added frequency multipliers as well as frequency dividers for channels B, C and D with respect to the master frequency of channel A. The frequency multiplication and division works with tap tempo as well. In this video, the frequency multiplier set to 8 initially, so there are 8 LFO cycles between each tap input. In the second half, the multiplication fact is adjusted. Anyway, the point is that it is adaptively adjusting the frequency to match the rhythm of taps (generated by a Mutable Grids)."

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