Friday, May 26, 2017


Published on May 26, 2017 once upon a synth

"I went to visit the Vintage Synthesizer Museum in Oakland and recorded a little tour. It's called a museum but you can rent it out and play with the gear. They have an impressive collection of rare vintage synths and effects. In this video I'll show you the studio. In future videos I will be posting demos of some of the synths I've recorded while there.

Vintage Synths:
Moog: Minimoog Model D / Taurus I
EMS: Synthi AKS / Vocoder 2000
ARP: 2600 w/3620 / 1613 Sequencer / Odyssey MkII / Rhodes Chroma
Sequential Circuits: Prophet 5 / Prophet T8 / Pro-One
Oberheim: 4-Voice / OB-Xa / Xpander
Roland: Jupiter 8 / Jupiter 6 / Jupiter 4 / Juno 6 / Juno 106 / SH-101 / TR-808 / TR-909 / RS-505
Korg: MS-50 / MS-20 / MS-10 / SQ-10 / VC-10 / Mono/Poly / Univox MaxiKorg / PS-3100
Yamaha: CS-70m / CS-60 / CS-20m
EML: Electro-Comp 101 / Electro-Comp 200
Steiner Parker: Synthacon
Gleeman: Pentaphonic Clear
Crumar: Spirit
Octave: Cat MkI
Oxford: OSCar
PAiA: Proteus
DK Synergy

Modern Synths:
Buchla Music Easel
Kilpatrick Phenol
18U by 90hp Eurorack Modular System
25 Module 5U MOTM System

Korg Stage Echo SE-500
Roland RE-201 Space Echo
Multivox Multi Echo MX-312
DOD R-880 Dual Analog Delay
Korg GR-1 Gated Spring Reverb
Univox UEQ-1 Spring Reverb/Graphic EQ/Overdrive
Eventide Instant Phaser
Maestro Universal Synthesizer System
Maestro PS-1 Phaser
PAiA 1500 Phlanger"

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