Tuesday, May 30, 2017


via this auction

"Released for only one year, 1998, only a few hundred were sold. A POLYPHONIC synth engine that is unique in the world of sound generation and sound design; a unique sound that can only be found here. Unique Formant + FM sound engine technology that results in staggeringly unique sounds. Nothing else sounds like the FS1R.

Plus the bonus of being able to load legacy DX1, DX5 and DX7 programs and then either play them or modify them.

The technology to POLYPHONICALLY cross "traditional" FM and other synth sounds with Formant synthesis (think human vowel sounds) to create a pad with the envelope properties of the human voice. From huge swirling pads to otherworldly leads, the sound design capabilities of this instrument simply have not been duplicated. Includes very usable onboard effects, MIDI IN/OUT/THRUs, and a second set of stereo (or dual mono) outs."

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