Friday, June 02, 2017

As Used by Vince Clarke - SUPER RARE Vintage UMI-2B Midi Sequencer & Acorn BBC & Disk Drive

via this auction

"UMI 'Songwriters sequencer', used for countless 80s hits - as used by Depeche Mode, A-ha, Queen, Genesis, Vince Clarke, Erasure, Blancmange

Some tracks the UMI was used on.

Erasure - Sometimes (Basically every Erasure track made used the UMI)

Aha - Take On Me

"When they came to RG Jones, my equipment was already there,” adds Tarney. "This included a Roland Juno 60 that provided the song's main theme and which I still use, as well as a UMI computer system that a friend of mine put together, and which Vince Clark also used. That's what I used to drive the instruments"

Queen - A Kind Of Magic (most of the album made using UMI)
Blancmange believe

And Many Many More......

Check out Vince Clarke using the UMI in the Studio here"

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