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Published on Jun 11, 2017 Comparative Irrelevance

"Some general patch notes:

Channel one is in cycle mode, and slowly modulating Clouds' position parameter.
Channel two is triggered via Branches, and produces a short envelope for Ripples' VCA.

Provides some audio rate FM for Ripples.

Quantizes the note sequence from Brain Seed and sends it to Ripples and Rings, with the former being shifted (within the same scale) by a stepped triangle LFO from Peaks.

Brain Seed:
Provides the note sequence. Every step also outputs a trigger to Branches.

Randomly skips or passes on triggers from Brain Seed to Maths' channel two.

Noise Tools:
Provides a master clock for Brain Seed. Additionally, the S&H signal is sent to Brain Seed's freeze input, which holds the note sequence whenever the signal is high.
Pink noise is sent to Rings' audio input.

Functions as a 2 operator FM sound source with STO as the modulator (this makes the high pitched bell sounds)

Is in FM mode, as the primary sound source.

Provides LFO modulation. A stepped triangle wave going to uScale's shift input, and some sort of folded sine wave going to Rings' position parameter.

Attenuates the LFO going from Peaks to uScale.
Mixes the sound sources (Rings and Ripples), and sends the mix to Clouds' input.

Makes nice droney, shimmery, choppy sounds.

Finally, some delay/reverb from the Strymon Big Sky.

Thanks for watching!"

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