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Monday, June 05, 2017

KAWAI R-100 E, 12-bit 80s Drum Machine, individual sounds

Published on Jun 5, 2017 Tonefloat

Update: Two new pattern videos added to the playlist above.

"KAWAI R-100 Electronic, 12-bit electronic sound set

Released in 1987 in 3 versions, Acoustic, Electronic and Jazz/Fusion. In this video it is the Electronic version with EEPROM CP-2

The naming on the front panel is for the Acoustic version, the 3 different sound set where KAWAI original options.

CP-1 Acoustic, see front panel on video

CP-2 Electronic
Pad 1: Atomic Kick/Room Kick/Acoustic Kick
Pad 2: Atomic Snare/Room Snare/Acoustic Snare
Pad 3: Electronic Tom Hi/Purple Rim Shot/Click
Pad 4: Electronic Tom Mid/Claps/Funk Bass
Pad 5: Electronic Tom Low/Mellow Bass/Electronic Snare
Pad 6: Closed Hi-Hat/Open Hi-Hat/Tympani
Pad 7: Orchestra Hit/Room Tom Hi/Finger Snap
Pad 8: Crash/Room Tom Low/Brass Hit

CP-3 Jazz/Fusion
Pad 1: Tight Kick/Brushes (Hit)/Fat Kick
Pad 2: Tight Snare/Brushes (Swirl)/Cross Stick
Pad 3: Guiro (Long)/Cowbell/Guiro (Short)
Pad 4: High Tom/Conga Slap/Conga
Pad 5: Low Tom/Cabasa/Bongo
Pad 6: Closed Hi-Hat/Open Hi-Hat/Pedal Hi-Hat
Pad 7: Edge Ride/Open Triangle/Closed Triangle
Pad 8: Soft Crash/Bell Ride/Mark Chimes"

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