Monday, June 19, 2017


via eBay

"I have owned a lot of analog polysynths, and this one has a unique character that is unlike the Roland Junos or the Korg polysix. Part of that is because it is dual OSC and can do a lot more than those synths. But also, it just sounds refreshingly different. It reminds me just a little of an Akai AX-80 in that it doesn't sound like anything else, but it delivers that classic analog sound; very warm and very large. The lack of dedicated knobs or sliders is not as big of an issue as you might think. Programming is very intuitive, and being able to name your presets is a real luxury. There is no better deal than the Kawai SX-240 when it comes to obtaining a dual OSC (with SUB OSC), analog polysynth with all the features that this has. The effects are the icing on the cake with a rich Chorus, Portamento, Hold and Glissando. AND there is a sequencer."

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