Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Krellish the Thought (Make Noise 0-coast)

Published on Jun 13, 2017 Sounds & Things

"Krell...ish Patch for the Make Noise 0-Coast.

Slope: CV OUTput --} TEMPO INput
Stepped Random OUTput --} Voltage MATH: CHannel 2 INput
Voltage MATH: CHannel 1 OUTput --} 1/V OCTave INput
Voltage MATH: CHannel 2 OUTput --} Slope: Rise/Fall Time CV INput
Slope (EOC) Gate Output --} Contour: Gate INput --} Overtone: CV INput
Contour: CV OUTput --} Balance: CV INput --} Oscillator: LINear FM Input
Oscillator: Triangle Wave OUTput --} Balance: CHannel External INput
Contour: End of ONset (EON) OUTput --} Multiply CV INput
(Please credit patch if you use it)"

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