Saturday, June 17, 2017


via eBay

"Roland SH-1000 in VG condition indeed, with its original flight case and sample sound settings cards. Users included The Human League, but this is the synth that provided the memorable chugging sound on Blondie's classic Heart of Glass. As Jimmi Destri, Blondie keyboardist, said in the past of his SH-1000 "I still use to this day, because I haven't found a substitute machine to do the little dugga-dugga-dugga bits." Along the front beneath the keyboard are 32 rocker switches, the right hand ten selecting presets, the others selecting waveform, tremelo etc. The main control panel includes portamento, time control, glide, an ADSR and VCF with cut off and resonance. LFO, VCA, VCO and VCF modulation depth, white and pink noise, sample and hold etc. A very collectable synth in VG fully working condition. The controls have removable white paper markers showing how to set the Blondie chugging sound."

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